Tire Doctor Inc.

   The " Doctire " Is In

  Minor Automotive Repairs, Tire Sales, & Service


*Flat Repairs

*Rotate & Balance

*Oil Change 

*Minor Mechanical Repairs ( Belts, hoses, alternators, starters, brakes, radiators, etc. )


New passenger tires, lawnmower tires, ATV tires, golf cart tires, tractor tires, truck tires Inner tubes of all sizes Auto parts can be ordered for you and sold to you at the same price as Auto Zone, but with 6% sales tax instead of the 10% Hueytown tax.


Because we are a one man shop, we don't do appointments, BUT, you can drop off your vehicle anytime for repairs or service AND if you will call before you come, we can let you know what's in the shop at the time and try to arrange a time when you can come in for service and not have to wait for hours like some other shops do. We like to get you in, service your vehicle, and get you going as soon as possible!


Message us on FB, Twitter, or text us @ 205-229-2631 for tire prices, etc. and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.